Tricks, Treats, and Activities for Halloween

Get Creative this Halloween Halloween is a holiday with endless possibility for creativity. From costumes to decorations and festive snacks and crafts, there are so many opportunities to put your little one’s giant imagination to use! We’ve put together a few ideas to trick, treat, and craft your way into the spirit of the holiday. […]

Fall into Fall: Play, Cook, and Read

Welcome, Fall Fall can be a fickle month in Southern California as the temperatures rise and fall from day to day. But even when it’s not consistently cool out, it’s easy to feel a true sense of change in the air. How do we share the change of seasons with our little learners? Let’s get […]

Early Educators, Enroll Today | Quality Start

High Quality, County-Wide Enrollment is now open for Quality Start San Bernardino County (QSSB) for the 2023/2024 program year! QSSB is a countywide Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) built to support the high quality efforts of those providing care, education, and school readiness programs for children ages zero to five. Early childhood educators understand […]

Preparing Your Child For Preschool

Preparing Your Child For Preschool: Tips to Support the Transition A new school year can be an exciting thing for children and their families, but with it comes a new environment, expectations, experiences, and schedules for all. Big transitions, or changes from one stage to another, can be especially challenging for young children. We’ve compiled […]

How to Find Child Care Assistance with Child Care Resource Center

About CCRC QSSB partner Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) is San Bernardino County’s largest resource and referral agency (R&R). They support parents and caretakers looking for child care by providing professional assistance and information tailored to families’ specific needs including location, hours, and type of care environment. Get Help Paying for Child Care We all […]

Physical Development In Early Childhood | Quality Start

Physical Development In Early Childhood: Supporting Children Ages Zero to Three From the moment they’re born, children are discovering the physical world around them, how they fit into it and move in it. One day they make the connection that they have limbs that move and fingers and toes that wiggle, and soon they’re figuring […]

Creating a Routine To Care For Infants / Quality Start

How To Build A Successful Infant Caregiver Routine Caregiving routines are built-in opportunities for connection between a child and a caregiver. Multiple times throughout the day an infant will be fed, changed, settled in for naps, and cleaned up and it is in these everyday occurrences that caregivers can build a nurturing relationship founded in […]

Resource and Referral Agencies Help Parents and Providers

What is a resource and referral agency? At their core, resource and referral agencies (R&Rs) are structured to support parents and caretakers looking for child care and for child care providers looking for various supports, from building a business to education. Each county or region has its own specified R&R agency; for San Bernardino County […]

Provider Appreciation Day

What is Provider Appreciation Day May 6th is National Provider Appreciation Day, a specific day in which we recognize and celebrate child care providers and their incredible commitment to children and families. The work of caring for and educating little learners requires keen focus, commitment, creativity, and compassion. Providers in QSSB 2022 marks six years […]

Adult reads to young toddler.

Supporting Language Development In Early Childhood – Quality Start

What is Language Development in Early Childhood Language development in early childhood is the process of detecting, comprehending and expressing language. There are a variety of stages in language development, and these phases are interconnected with social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development. It is also the foundation for emerging literacy. Supporting Language Development They may not […]

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