About Reading is Fundamental

What is Reading is Fundamental? Young children go through a methodical journey when learning how to read. First comes the introduction to language through the sounds of parents and caregivers and then eventually children start to speak their first words and later, sentences. This is called emerging literacy and it is the foundation of all […]

Creating a Lesson Plan

How to Create a Lesson Plan Lesson planning is essential to creating a classroom that is organized, developmentally appropriate, and supportive. For some, lesson planning can feel like a stressful or intimidating task considering the time and focus it takes. Here, we’ve broken the elements of planning down into manageable steps so that you can […]

A group of young students, preschool and kindergarten, sit together planting seeds.

Spring Activities for Young Learners | Quality Start

Spring is here- Let’s hop into it! We love this time of year- the longer days equal more sunshine, warmer weather and we’re surrounded by the promise of blooming plants. We’ve compiled a list of activities for the whole family to help welcome the season. Spring into Activity Starting outside with a nature walk is […]

Social Emotional Development In Infants & Toddlers

Social Emotional Development In Infants & Toddlers (0 – 3 Years) It is amazing how much children grow and learn in their first five years! Parents and caretakers may feel at times that they’re looking at and caring for a new little person every day! This is because your child is developing at an incredible […]

Infant and Toddler Learning Foundations

Early Development Learning Foundations The California Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations are an in-depth, research and evidence backed explanation of the way infants and toddlers develop in the first three years of life and how that translates to high-quality classrooms. The Infant Toddler Learning Foundations explains development through four inter-connected domains, or specified areas of […]

child development and engagement

Cognitive Development in Early Childhood – Quality Start

Cognitive Development in Early Childhood: Ages 0 to 3 Early Development in Babies and Toddlers We hear the term child development a lot, but you may be thinking, what exactly does that cover? Child development refers to an expansion of physical, cognitive, psychological, and socioemotional skills that lead to increased competence, autonomy, and independence for […]

Valentine’s Day Celebrations for the Whole Family – Quality Start

Valentine’s Day Celebrations for the Whole Family It’s here, the season of white, red, pink and glittery hearts. The time of year when we may emphasize just how much we love those around us with a little extra enthusiasm. February seems like a needed break in what can feel like a long winter season, a […]

parent and children play cars on the table.

What Is Sesame Street in Communities?

Sesame Street is an instantly recognizable institution of early childhood education. The program has been welcomed into homes for its school-readiness and life lessons taught by warm and hilarious characters for over 50 years. Targeted to families with children in the formative early years, the content has always addressed early development while adapting to the […]

What Is TrustLine?

What Is TrustLine? A family requiring child care deserves peace of mind in knowing that the adult they’re entrusting their child with is capable, experienced, and safe. There are many options when it comes to looking for child care and families consider what best fits their schedule, preferences, and finances. That can often mean choosing […]

Working With Challenging Behaviors- Quality Start

Working With Challenging Behaviors in Early Childhood Children naturally engage in challenging behaviors in early childhood, it is a part of their proper development. In their early years, toddlers experience a growing desire to separate from parents and caregivers and to initiate new-found independence. They test imposed limits, and yet have limited skills to communicate […]

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