Provider Appreciation Day

What is Provider Appreciation Day

May 6th is National Provider Appreciation Day, a specific day in which we recognize and celebrate child care providers and their incredible commitment to children and families. The work of caring for and educating little learners requires keen focus, commitment, creativity, and compassion.

Providers in QSSB

2022 marks six years of QSSB, the first Quality Rating and Improvement System in San Bernardino County. In that time, hundreds of early education sites have enrolled in QSSB with the goal of making their programs even stronger. At present, QSSB works hand-in-hand with 298 sites including:

  1. 132 California state preschools
  2. 59 center-based programs
  3. 95 home-based providers
  4. 12 alternative programs (license-exempt programs focused on school readiness, like Boys and Girls clubs)

Combined, the 298 sites employ 1,580 educators and care for 9,057 children. That means the work of these early educators reverberates throughout our communities as they participate in professional development opportunities to refine their craft and supply thousands of children with the highest quality care possible.

Going Beyond Above and Beyond

In these last few years especially, we have seen the collective efforts of child care providers to buoy working parents and create safe and supportive environments while navigating ever-changing conditions. This has not been easy as over the course of the pandemic child care providers were faced with persistent challenges. Some providers were able to remain open for essential workers’ children, others were able to operate distance-learning programs, some were forced to close for months at a time, and many endured financial hardships. When asked to reflect on these last two years, QSSB providers shared their triumphs and struggles. One common thread in their stories was how proud they were to offer their services to families in need and how grateful they were for continued health of the children as well as the strong sense of unity they felt with families.

Thank you, Providers

To all providers in our county, we say, your dedication does not go unnoticed, we see you and we thank you. You are impacting children in significant and vibrant ways. The partners that run QSSB would like to celebrate with words of encouragement and thanks for all the amazing providers out there!

“Always remember you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think & LOVED more than you know. Never Give Up!”

Early Care and Education Advocacy

The pandemic has only intensified the hardships for those within the child care industry. It is important to advocate for the rights of providers and parents alike. If you would like to get involved, consider these resources as a great starting off point:

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