It’s Halloween Season – We Have Ideas for Everyone’s Fun!

Halloween is almost here!

We can all feel it, a very busy season is upon us! Halloween is on its way to kick off the holidays and a very full fall. Read on for crafty Halloween fun and ways to take some time for yourself along the way.

A Calming Halloween Craft

Sensory sun catchers made with hair gel are a festive craft for toddlers and preschoolers alike, although we think all ages can benefit from their calming effect. We are loving the ideas from Happy Hooligans. This craft can easily be made at home or in the classroom.

You’ll need:

  • Plastic zip lock bag
  • Hair gel
  • Optional food coloring
  • Fall or Halloween themed items

Simply squeeze the gel into the bag, add food coloring if you like, then drop in the add-ins. Get creative and use orange and black pieces (like lentils and black beans) to create a pumpkin, glitter and googly eyes to make a witch, or fall leaves.

A sing along may be just the thing while crafting, or as an activity all on it’s own. Check out this compilation of classics from Super Simple Songs.

Click here for even more Halloween activities and ideas!

Take a Mindfulness Moment in the Middle of Halloween Madness

It can feel hard to take a moment for yourself when there is so much going on, but it is essential that you find the time. To help, we’re highlighting mindfulness, the concentrated effort to check in with yourself and your surroundings, as one way to practice self-care. Mindfulness is an excellent tool for stress management and relationship building.

The Mindfulness Toolkit from Zero to Three defines mindfulness as, “intentional and non-judgmental present-moment awareness. It is a foundational skill that underlies many other important capacities that we need for health, well-being, and connection with children, families, and others.”

If you would like to give it a try, start with a short internal awareness exercise to ask yourself, How am I?

  1. Find a space for yourself. Anywhere you can take 4 minutes to just check in with your physical, mental, and emotional states.
  2. Start in a relaxed and upright posture. You can sit or stand. Feel free to close your eyes if you’d like.
  3. Breath in deep and exhale slowly.
  4. Check in with your body. Do you feel tense or energized?
  5. Notice if your mind is active or settled. What thoughts are you experiencing? Can you let them pass without getting attached to them?
  6. Now bring your awareness to and name any emotions you may have.
  7. Consider if there have been any changes in your body, mind, or emotions as you’ve focused specifically on them.

That’s it. In 4 minutes or so you have taken the time to acknowledge and accept how you are feeling, an important step in moving through your day!

Wishing you and the families you serve a very happy and safe Halloween season!

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