Springtime Restart

Springtime is officially here!

Let’s welcome the new season with bright crafts and activities the whole family can enjoy.

Looking for craft ideas? Happy Hooligans has 10 springtime crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. We love the brightness of the tissue paper rainbows, perfect for brightening up the walls or windows of your house. To begin, you will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Markers and tissue paper, cut in 1-inch squares, in rainbow colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or bottle

Start with the markers and have your little one draw a circle of each color starting with red on the outer edge of the paper plate and ending with a purple circle in the center of the plate. Cut the plate directly in half so that you are left with two rainbows. Now it’s time for a matching game! Have your child match the color of the tissue paper square to the color of the line they just drew. Then glue in place. If the glue bottles are too tough for little hands to squeeze, place a small amount of glue in a cup or separate plate. They can dip a paint brush in the glue, paint a spot on the plate, and place the tissue square on top. As always, this should be a time of artistic expression, if the colors are out of order that is okay!

Another spring-perfect activity is growing seedlings in an egg carton! Look to smaller seeds like cucumber, herbs like parsley or dill, or even flowers like marigolds. Click here for step by step guidance on how to plant and transfer your seedlings.

Or, why not try a springtime terrarium using four staple items: glass jar, tissue paper, twigs and a hot glue gun?

Tis the season of the Golden Poppy! Here are 5 Fast Golden Poppy facts:

  • The Golden Poppy became the official flower of California in 1903
  • The flower is celebrated in two different months- April 6th is Poppy Day and May 13-18 is Poppy Week
  • Poppies bloom in shades of gold, various reds, and even white
  • Poppy flowers grow in open fields and can grow in grassy or sandy conditions
  • Peak bloom season is the end of March through mid-April

Although 2022 may not bring another super bloom or unusually large display of wildflowers as the amount of flowers is dependent on rainfall, there are still poppy fields to visit.  A quick Google search will reveal multiple places across Southern California, like the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve or Chino Hills State park, that may give you a glimpse of the springtime bloom. Remember to check the guidelines ahead of time and practice COVID safety precautions like face coverings and social distancing!

And finally, why not kick off a new season with a brand new song? Listen and sing along with “Sing a Song of Flowers” to learn about spring and the colors it brings!


Important updates:

The annual springtime responsibility- Taxes are due April 18th!  Learn all about two very important tax credits, the Earned Income Tax and Young Child Tax Credit, before you file. These credits can give eligible families thousands of dollars back. Learn how here.

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