What is EdWeb?

In 2020 and into 2021 we have seen many of life’s activities move to virtual platforms from education to socializing. Thankfully for early educators there are many opportunities to pursue professional development and training opportunities online. The benefit of online learning is that it allows educators to find courses that meet their needs and fit their schedules for low to no cost. edWeb.net is one such platform that makes it easy for providers to gain professional development hours.

About edWeb

Edweb offers free, self-pace webinars that cover a variety of topics pertinent to educators preK-12th grade. The offered webinars, or edWebinars as they call them, are offered live and can also be found on demand. This enables educators to learn at their best possible time. Beyond providing trainings, edWeb is also a social network with existing communities for participants to join or the ability to create one’s own. Those who view an edWebinar can earn a continuing education certificate.

Who can use edWeb?

edWeb is available for all educators, those teaching in preK classrooms through the 12th grade. School districts, individual schools and educational organizations are able to form their own communities within edWeb to dive into the material most applicable to their programs and to generate further connection and discussion.

edWeb Features

As mentioned above, edWeb is built like a social network with existing Professional Learning Communities for participants to tap into based on need, interest, and grade level. Current communities for PreK educators include Classroom Management for Early Learning, Digital Learning and Building Blocks, and more. Those who choose to join a community receive invitations to webinars, certificates and access to discussion forums and edWeb resource library. In addition to joining an existing community, members may create their own for their site staff and fellow educators. Members also have access to prerecorded webinars and panels and an archive of over 2,000 programs. All services and features are free due to the contribution of supporters like Footsteps to Brilliance, for which there is a San Bernardino County Chapter, and more.

How Does Quality Start Utilize edWeb?

Quality Start focuses heavily on quality improvement for all participants. Every enrolled child care site is given a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) or individualized road map that recognizes their strengths and areas of potential growth. The QIP outlines goals for the program to achieve over a period of time. These goals may be the adoption of specific screenings into the classroom, like the Desired Results Developmental Profile or Ages and Stages Questionnaire, or it may be trainings to take or communities of practice to join. The QSSB Professional Development Coaches that work with sites may recommend edWeb as a means to access applicable trainings and gain needed professional development hours and continuing education certificates. Professional Development is a crucial component for early care providers and a large part of the QSSB program. It enables providers to learn, adapt, and offer the best to the children and families they serve.

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