Thank you QSSB participants – All 300 of you!

This last year QSSB participants across San Bernardino County, along with child care providers across the country, have faced enormous challenges, created incredible successes, learned new skills and adapted quickly to best serve children and families. We admire the dedication and sacrifices made by each and every one. Listed here are the 300 early education environments who voluntarily participate in QSSB. They include child care centers, family child care homes, and license-exempt family, friend, and neighborhood providers. Looking at the larger picture, 300 environments equals more than 1,800 early educators teaching close to 12,000 children between the ages of zero to five. High quality care and education in the first five years is essential for school readiness and future success.

Adelanto Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Garcia State Preschool (RUSD) Pedagogy Learning Center & Child Care
Adelanto State Preschool (SBCSS) Garrat Family Child Care Phelan State Preschool (SBCSS) (Snowline Jt. USD)
Alessandro Preschool (SBCUSD) Gauthier Family Child Care Pierson Family Child Care
Allen Family Child Care (Hummingbird) General Colin Powell State Preschool (SBCSS) Pinon Hills State Preschool (SBCSS) (Snowline Jt. USD)
Allred Child Development Program (SBCUSD) Gore Family Day Care Pre-K Academy at Cottonwood Elementary
Allred Infant/Toddler Center (SBCUSD) Grant State Preschool (CJUSD) Pre-K Academy at Hollyvale
Alma Sanchez Family Child Care Griffin Family Child Care Pre-K Academy at Joshua Circle
Alviar Family Child Care Grimes State Preschool (CJUSD) Pre-K Academy at Juniper
Angelo Family Day Care Guzman Family Child Care Pre-K Academy at Mesa Grande
Anna Borba State Preschool (SBCSS) Harris Family Child Care Pre-K Academy at Oak Hills
Apple Valley County Early Education Center (AVUSD) Henry Elementary (RUSD) Preschool Readiness Educational Partnership Chaparral (PREP) (CVUSD)
Apple Valley County Early Education Center (SBCSS) Heritage State Preschool (SBCSS) (Snowline Jt. USD) Preschool Readiness Educational Partnership Glenmeade (PREP) (CVUSD)
Apple Valley Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Hesperia Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Preschool Readiness Educational Partnership Marshall (PREP) (CVUSD)
Aranda Family Child Care Highland Head Start (PSD) Preschool Readiness Educational Partnership Newman (PREP) (CVUSD)
Arca’s Family Day Care Himmelrick Child Care Center Preschool Readiness Educational Partnership Oak Ridge (PREP) (CVUSD)
Arevalo Family Child Care Hooper Family Child Care Preschool University (YMCA – East Valley)
Argil de Montano Family Day Care Hunt Preschool (SBCUSD) Puesta Del Sol State Preschool (SBCSS)
Arrowhead Preschool (SBCUSD) Ileana Cortez Quick Family Child Care
Arroyo Valley Development Center (SBCUSD) Indian Springs Child Development Center (SBCUSD) Ramona Elementary (OMSD)
Atwell Family Child Care Isabel Garcia-Grimaldo Ramos Family Child Care
Baker Family Learning Center Head Start/ State Preschool (PSD) Jackson Family Day Care Rancho Verde State Preschool (AVUSD)
Baldy Mesa State Preschool (SBCSS) (Snowline Jt. USD) James Family Child Care Ready Set Grow Learning Services
Barbara Thompson (FFN) Johnson Family Child Care Redlands Day Nursery 1
Barstow Head Start/ State Preschool (PSD) Johnson Family Child Care (Colton) Redlands Day Nursery 2
Bassett Family Child Care Kelley Elementary School (RUSD) Redlands South Head Start / Early Head Start (PSD)
Bell Family Child Care Kiddie Academy of Fontana Redlands Valencia Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Bemis Elementary (RUSD) Kiddie Academy of Rancho Cucamonga Regina Hamilton
Benavides / Hernandez Family Day Care KinderCare Learning Center/ Foothill Reyes Family Day Care
Benitez Family Child Care KinderCare Learning Center/ Victorville Rialto Eucalyptus Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Bennett Family Child Care KinderCare Learning Center/Colton Rialto Renaissance Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Big Bear State Preschool (SBCSS) KinderCare Learning Center/Commerce Rialto Willow Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Bon View Elementary (OMSD) KinderCare Learning Center/Highland Rice Family Child Care
Bonanza School KinderCare Learning Center/Ontario Richard Haynes Elementary (OMSD)
Boyd (RUSD) KinderCare Learning Center/Rancho Cucamonga Riley Preschool (SBCUSD)
Bradach State Preschool (SBCSS) KinderCare Learning Center/Redlands Rodriguez Day Care
Bradley Preschool (SBCUSD) KinderCare Learning Center/Yucaipa Rodriguez Family Child Care
Brooks Family Child Care Kingsley Elementary (OMSD) Rodriguez Family Child Care (Adriana)
Brooks-Thompson Family Child Care Kirkland Family Child Care Rodriguez Family Child Care (Gricelda)
Brown’s Family Child Care Lankershim Preschool (SBCUSD) Rogers State Preschool (CJUSD)
Brown’s Teddy Bear Child Care Lanre-Orepo Family Child Care Rojas Family Child Care
Burbank Preschool (SBCUSD) Lee Hall Family Day Care Romo Family Child Care
Burrell Family Child Care Lehigh Elementary (OMSD) Rosie’s Preschool 1
Cajon Development Center (SBCUSD) Lemon Street State Preschool (SBCSS) Rosie’s Preschool 3
Cal State University San Bernardino Children’s Center Levi Dickey State Preschool (SBCSS) Ross Family Child Care
Calimesa State Preschool (SBCSS) Lewis Family Child Care San Andreas Child Development Center (SBCUSD)
Calva Family Child Care Liberty State Preschool (SBCSS) San Andreas Infant / Toddler Center (SBCUSD)
Campos Family Child Care Lincoln Elementary (OMSD) San Bernardino Development Center (SBCUSD)
Candis Williams Moore Lincoln Preschool (SBCUSD) San Bernardino Parks & Recreation (PSD)
Carballo Family Child Care Little Bears State Preschool (SBCSS) San Bernardino Preschool (SBCUSD)
Carr Family Child Care Little Giggles Child Care San Bernardino Valley College Child Development Center
Casey Elementary School (RUSD) Little Mountain Preschool San Salvador Children’s Center (CJUSD)
Chaparral State Preschool (SBCSS) Live Oak State Preschool (SBCSS) Serna Family Child Care
Charlotte Werner Elementary (RUSD) Los Amigos State Preschool (SBCSS) Shambree Young
Chino Head Start / Early Head Start (PSD) Lucerne Valley State Preschool (SBCSS) Siegrist State Preschool (SBCSS)
Chino Montessori School Lucy Siegrist School (SBCSS) Sitting Bull Academy Preschool (AVUSD)
Chino Valley Unified School District Children’s Center Lupe Gallardo Snowden Palmer Family Child Care
Cole Preschool (SBCUSD) Maldonado Family Child Care Stone Family Child Care
Coleman Family Child Care Mango Elementary (FUSD) Sultana Elementary (OMSD)
Concordia Christian School Mariposa Elementary (OMSD) Sycamore Rocks Preschool (AVUSD)
Conerly Family Child Care Marquez Family Child Care Synodis Family Child Care
Contreras Family Child Care Marshall Family Child Care Tanisha Hayes
Contreras Family Child Care (San Bernardino) Marshall State Preschool (SBCSS) The Right Track Preschool
Cooley Ranch State Preschool (City of Colton) Martin Family Day Care Tiffany Hart (FFN)
Corona Elementary (OMSD) Mary Lewis (CJUSD) Tonai Lawler
Cortez State Preschool (SBCSS) Matute Family Child Care Torres Family Child Care
Cotija Family Child Care Maxine William’s Family Child Care Trapp Elementary (RUSD)
Creative Mind Learning Centers McKinley State Preschool (CJUSD) Twenty-Nine Palms Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Crestline Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Mentone State Preschool (SBCSS) (Redlands USD) Twyleshia Rivers
Crestmore State Preschool (CJUSD) Merritt Family Child Care Ulloa Family Child Care
Cristobal Family Child Care Meza Family Child Care (Highland) Upland Head Start (PSD)
Crooms Family Child Care Mill Child Development Center Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Valley State Preschool (SBCSS)
Cucamonga Head Start (PSD) Milton Comford Family Child Care Vanguard State Preschool (AVUSD)
Cucamonga State Preschool (CSD) Mojave Vista State Preschool (SBCSS) Victor Valley College Child Development Lab
Cypress Preschool (SBCUSD) Mommy and Daughter Day Care Victor Valley College Head Start (PSD)
Daisy’s Joyful Day Care Montera Elementary (OMSD) Victoria State Preschool (SBCSS) (Redlands USD)
Davidson Preschool (SBCUSD) Moreno Family Child Care Victorville Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Davis Family Child Care Morgan Elementary (RUSD) Victorville Northgate Head Start / State Preschool (PSD)
Del Norte Elementary (OMSD) Mt. Vernon Preschool (SBCUSD) Villa De Ninos (MAOF)
Del Rey State Preschool (SBCSS) Mt. View Christian Preschool and Kindergarten Villanueva Family Child Care
Del Rio Renteria Family Child Care Mulberry County Early Education Center (SBCSS) Vista Verde State Preschool (SBCSS) (Snowline Jt. USD)
Del Rosa Preschool (SBCUSD) Myers Preschool (RUSD) Volunteers of America E Stree-San Bernardino
Diana Santa Cruz (FFN) Natividad Flores Volunteers of America Live Oak Ave-Fontana
Diaz Family Child Care Needles Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Volunteers of America North Pepper Street-Rialto
Dollahan Elementary School (RUSD) Newman State Preschool (SBCSS) Volunteers of America Rialto Ave-San Bernardino
Dunn Elementary School (RUSD) Norma Covert County Education Center (SBCSS) Wade Family Day Care
Easterseals CDC Montclair Oak Park (FUSD) Wallace Family Child Care
Easterseals CDC Ontario Oak Tree Learning Center Washington State Preschool (CJUSD)
Easterseals CDC Upland OCS Holy Rosary Academy Preschool Westminster Head Start (PSD)
Easterseals Valley View Infant Center OCS Our Lady of the Assumption Preschool Williams Family Child Care
El Camino Elementary (OMSD) OCS Resurrection Academy Preschool Williams Family Day Care
Emmerton Preschool (SBCUSD) OCS St. Catherine of Siena Preschool Wilridge Family Child Care
Estrella Family Child Care Ontario ELC (MAOF) Wilson State Preschool (City of Colton)
Family Gomez Day Care Ontario Maple Head Start/ State Preschool (PSD) Wrightwood State Preschool (SBCSS) (Snowline Jt. USD)
Fernandez Family Day Care Ontario Montclair Howard Elementary Head Start (OMSD) Yarber Family Child Care
Fontana Citrus Head Start / State Preschool (PSD) Pabon Family Day Care Yolanda Walker
Franklin State Preschool (SBCSS) (Redlands USD) Palm Vista State Preschool (SBCSS) Yucaipa Head Start / Early Head Start (PSD)
Fremont Preschool (MAOF) Palmetto Elementary School (FUSD) Yucca Valley Head Start (PSD)
Frost County Early Education Center (SBCSS) Pam Performing Arts, Inc. Yucca Valley State Preschool (SBCSS)
Garcia Family Child Care Park View State Preschool (SBCSS) Zimmerman (CJUSD)
Garcia Family Child Care Paul J. Rogers Child Development Center (City of Colton)
Garcia Family Child Care (Luebutar) Paula Sanchez Family Child Care
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