Introducing Organization Teaches Young Kids About Responsibilities and Being Helpful

Looking for a super easy and educational activity that’ll help keep your home or educational center clean — and the kids in your care entertained? Try introducing organization! It’s a great way to get children involved in everyday tasks and make them feel helpful.

Here’s how it’s done: Just ask kids where certain items go, or put things in places they don’t really belong and have children fix your organizing mistakes. Ask questions like, “Where do books go again?” Or, “Hmmm, do toys go in the hamper?” Place something like a shirt where it doesn’t traditionally go, like the kitchen cabinet, and put children up to the challenge of reorganizing for you.

They’ll get a kick out of finding their favorite toy in the fridge. You’ll love that you can teach them about organizing at a young age in a way that’s entertaining for both of you.

This fun activity will help develop important lifelong skills, like:

  • Learning responsibility
  • Helping out
  • Accomplishing tasks with others
  • Getting organized
  • Improving memory

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