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Highlighting QSSB Family Child Care Programs

In 2023, over 100 family child care programs voluntarily committed to personal growth and specialized skills building by participating in QSSB’s coaching and training opportunities. Their partnership with the program and individual innovation led them to above-and-beyond lesson planning and environment updates.

Ruballos Family Child Care, Victorville California

Outside setting: local police officer talking to preschool students at their day care for community helper day.In February, Leslie Ruballos Family Child Care (FCC) invited the Victorville Police Department to visit the children as part of her lesson plans on the importance of community helpers. The children were prepared prior to the officer’s visit with conversations about the role of police and what they could expect on the day. They even created handmade vests to wear to meet the two officers and a K-9. Ruballos’ attention to detail and outcomes created a great day for all and boosted the children’s awareness, skills, and confidence.

Aprenden Play Preschool, Highland California

Aprenden Play Preschool is continuously making updates to their extensive outdoor learning and play area. The complete and in-process additions, made possible by QSSB incentives and anSection of outdoor play at a child care home. Outdoor play areas at a family child care home. infrastructure grant, include an outdoor kitchen, new planting boxes, a composter, and a greenhouse. The children spend a good amount of time exploring the yard, harvesting fruit, relaxing in their reading lounge, observing the bugs, and more. They even have wetsuits to wear so they can play in the rain and mud. The time spent engaging in outdoor activities has been thoughtfully created by director Maria Del Rio. Del Rio understands the importance of connecting to nature and that learning in a natural environment promotes development, garners adventure, and encourages mindfulness.

QSSB program celebrates 8 years!

This year, QSSB worked with 329 early childhood education (ECE) programs, private, state, and license-exempt, employing 1,720 educators. Every program was granted access to trainings that align with the California Early Childhood Education Competencies, individualized coaching, a custom quality improvement plan, and other evaluations. The purpose of each is to help educators grow in their knowledge and reach their goals of providing the highest level of quality to the families they serve. QSSB programs collectively cared for and taught 9,529 children between the ages of zero to five. That’s nearly 10,000 children throughout San Bernardino County experiencing high quality programming!

QSSB is thrilled at the level of care shown by each enrolled ECE site and extends our gratitude for their work. We look forward to more years of excellence.

Find the full list of participants here.

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