Child Care Providers and the COVID-19 Vaccine

Child care providers, you are now eligible to take the COVID-19 vaccine! Regardless of age, all teachers, school support staff, and licensed child care providers in San Bernardino County can make an appointment at any existing vaccine distribution site. This includes county or state public health sites, pharmacies, grocery stores, physician’s offices, or the hospital.

When you get the COVID-19 vaccine, you help defeat the virus, so the children you care for can stay healthy, and enjoy more activities sooner. While some may be eagerly awaiting the opportunity, others may have more questions. If you have felt nervous about it, that is okay! Here are a few quick facts to help:

  • The vaccine works by safely teaching your body how to recognize and defend against the virus.
  • When you get the COVID-19 vaccine, you protect yourself and your loved ones. You also protect the children in your care—and their parents, elders and siblings too.
  • It might seem like the COVID-19 vaccine was developed fast. In fact, scientists have been working hard on vaccines in the coronavirus family for years, so they didn’t start from scratch.
  • The vaccine was tested on thousands of volunteers, including people from different races, ethnicities and age groups. Scientists all over the world shared data and held public meetings about the COVID-19 vaccine before it was public.

In scientific studies, 95% of people who got the vaccine were protected from getting sick from COVID-19.

Other common questions about the vaccine:

How can I get the vaccine? Search for available appointments through the San Bernardino County website by clicking here.

Will I be required to provide personal information when receiving a vaccination shot? The V-SAFE is a new smartphone-based tool utilized by the CDC as a way to follow up with those who receive a vaccine. If you choose to enroll in V-SAFE following your vaccine, you will receive text messages asking if you would like to fill out a survey. Surveys may allow you to report any problems or adverse reactions.

Do I need to pay for the vaccine? No. The vaccine is free, but if you have insurance, bring your card just in case.

How many shots do I need to take? Two. Currently, the available vaccines require two doses distributed three or four weeks apart. You can usually schedule your second shot at the time you get your first. It is also important to note that it will take about 2 weeks after your second shot for it to achieve full efficacy.

Do I still have to wear a mask after I get the vaccine? Yes. It is important that you continue to practice mask-wearing and social distancing after you receive both vaccines. While there is known to be a 94-95% efficacy rate in preventing COVID-19 in individuals who are vaccinated, more research is needed on how the vaccine prevents you from spreading the virus to other people, even if you don’t get sick yourself.

What if I have a bad reaction to the shot? Allergic reactions are rare. After your shot, you will wait 15 minutes with a health professional who will make sure you are safe to leave. Many people have no side effects. If you do have any, they are usually mild and are the reaction of your body’s immune system teaching your body how to create a defense against the virus. These symptoms might include tiredness, headaches, and/or a sore arm.

Can you get COVID-19 from the vaccine?  No. Not one of the vaccine types, or doses, contain the virus. Make sure the information you consume comes from a trusted medical provider or source like the CDC.

Should I get the vaccine if I’ve already had COVID-19? Yes. You should get vaccine even if you have already had and recovered from COVID-19. Having the virus once may not protect you from getting it again.

The information in this blog was provided by the First 5 Association of California and San Bernardino County, COVID-19 Response.

For more, please visit the following websites:

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